Here's How to Take Vehicle Tax Bleach

Owners of motorized vehicles are required to pay taxes every year so that they are not subject to fines or fines when driving. To ease the tax burden on its citizens, the Regional Government always implements a vehicle tax bleaching program.

This program has a certain time limit in each region, such as in West Java which will be implemented in July 2022. With this program, the tax that must be paid by vehicle owners becomes lighter because it is enough to pay the principal tax.

With the tax bleaching program, it means that vehicle owners do not need to pay fines from tax arrears. Of course, to be able to take advantage of this vehicle tax bleaching program, you must meet the applicable requirements.

Tax exemption refers to a program carried out by the Regional Government for the abolition or amnesty of vehicle tax fines. Bleaching is done to ease the burden of vehicle tax in society.

In addition, the hope of this program is to discipline taxpayers who are in arrears in paying vehicle taxes. It is not surprising that every year the vehicle tax bleaching program is a program that the public has been waiting for.

The implementation of the tax bleaching program in each region has its own time, not all at once! In a way, the policy of abolishing tax sanctions helps every vehicle owner not have to pay the fines imposed.

But don't misunderstand this tax bleaching program, some people interpret it as not having to pay taxes. Obviously this is wrong! The bleaching program only eliminates late fees, taxes must still be paid.

The purpose of the vehicle tax bleaching applies to taxpayers as well as to the Government Agencies themselves.

With bleaching, you as a taxpayer will be lighter when you have to pay the fees charged. Fines for late payment of taxes will be eliminated, especially now if you don't pay taxes within 2 years of your vehicle becoming a bulge.

With the bleaching program, every citizen who is a taxpayer must make good use of it. This is the right time to settle vehicle tax obligations.

The tax amnesty program also seems to have good intentions for government agencies.

One of them is increasing tax revenue so that it is bigger because people use the program. The regions that organize them also have better tax revenues than before.

In addition, the purpose of abolishing taxes for agencies is to increase taxpayer compliance so that agencies do not need to pick up the ball. It is also easier for agencies to socialize tax payments, especially those that are delayed or overdue.

At least by carrying out the obligation to pay taxes, the flow of Regional Original Revenue (PAD) funds will be smooth. When PAD is smooth, this allows regional development to also run smoothly, the impact on society too.

Thus, people do not have to bother paying large amounts of fines. You only need to pay the basic tax according to applicable regulations, so that the vehicle can be safely taken anywhere without worrying about getting a ticket.

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