Important Functions of Shopping Notes in Transactions

You certainly have or even always get proof of purchases after buying a product, that proof is called a receipt. This shopping note has an important role because it is used as a valid proof of purchase. Without receipts, the seller or buyer will have difficulty when they want to make a complaint about the product because there is no evidence.

Records usually have multiple copies, at least one copy. The original receipt is left to the customer. Meanwhile, a copy of the memorandum is used for financial records owned by a business.

A copy of the memorandum serves to facilitate the recording of daily transactions. If you don't have a cash register that can record transactions automatically, then you must have receipts because it is impossible for you and your employees to memorize all buying and selling transactions.

Well, the transaction on the copy of the memorandum is copied in the monthly sales book. At the end of the month all new daily entries are totaled to determine what the revenue was for the month. If all new diaries are recorded at the end of the month, it will certainly be overwhelmed. Therefore, every day these transactions must be recorded in the sales book based on data from the shopping receipt.

Notes can become document archives that can come in handy at any time. In addition, transaction evidence in the form of a memorandum serves as a correction tool to match each other between transactions that occur with transaction evidence in the financial statements. If an error occurs in the financial records, you can check the records that have been kept.

If this happens when a business actor is looking for investors to channel funds into his business, records are needed as supporting data when showing the company's financial cash flow.

A copy of the memorandum serves to check the stock of goods at the end of the month for Virgo friends who have a business. If the number of items in stock is different from that recorded, it is likely that a sales transaction has been missed. To be sure, Friend Virgo can immediately check it through a copy of the note.

Imagine if there is no copy of the receipt, then the discrepancy between the original item quantity and the record in the stock book cannot be found.

Shopping receipts can be real evidence that is corrected if there is a purchase or sale error in transaction activities. Evidence of this transaction is also a reference in the preparation of financial statements. You can also immediately find out if there are errors or engineering in the financial statements if the proof of the transaction is complete. Even though it looks simple, the function of the structure is no less important.

How to view money records is in the transaction history section, you can track how much money came in and how much went out. This is different from shopping receipts which still use manuals because they must always be handwritten. In the transaction history, all incoming and outgoing money is recorded automatically.

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