How to Choose an Online Shopping Application So You Don't Get Fooled

Shopping is an activity that is routinely carried out by everyone to meet the needs of everyday life. However, the way of shopping has changed with the times and technology. Shopping that is being done today is different from before, if in the past shopping had to leave the house now it is enough through online shopping applications.

As consumers, we must remain vigilant so as not to be fooled by online shopping applications or fake sellers. The first thing to look out for so as not to be fooled when shopping online is to make sure that the application is licensed. This can be seen from the legality that is owned. Generally this information can be seen on the "about us" page on the application's official website.

You can be sure from the name of the application company, whether he already has a PT or not. For example, the electronic money application Virgo which is licensed and legalized on behalf of the company

Every online shopping application always has ratings and reviews given by its users, you can check on the Google Play Store before downloading the application.

Ratings given by users will be scaled from 1-5 stars. If the majority scale is 4, it can be ascertained that the application is trusted.

To be sure, you can also see the reviews given by users. If there are certain obstacles that users feel in their reviews, then this can be your reference in deciding whether to continue using the application or not.

Good online shopping apps generally have good popularity. You can check it by typing the brand name of the online store on Google. Check on the far right of the search site page.

There you'll see the Google My Business brand which includes a gallery, address, phone number, and ratings/reviews from consumers.

Similar to ratings on the Google Play Store, on Google My Business a brand's reputation is also measured on a scale of 1-5 stars. If the majority of customer ratings are at number 4, this indicates that the online store brand has been trusted by its customers.

Apart from going through Google My Business, you can also see which websites are reporting about the application. If the application is trusted and has many users, mainstream media websites or bloggers will definitely upload reviews about it. You can check several websites that review this online shopping application.

Make sure the application you download is known for its headquarters location. This is so that if something happens, there is a place for you to sue. If any app doesn't have a central office, it's best avoided. You can check it on Google while typing the brand name of the online store.

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