Anti Trash Monthly Shopping List

Entering the beginning of the month, the monthly shopping list is often a burden on every family's mind. Even though at the beginning of the month the new salary is disbursed, the monthly shopping list shouldn't be a burden.

Uncontrolled spending can indeed be very worrying. Therefore, the monthly shopping list and its allocation need to be made consistently in order to save your monthly budget.

The following is a reference for a shopping list for basic needs so that it is more planned and economical:

The first shopping list that must be purchased by a Virgo friend is staple food. Rice is a mandatory list that needs to be included in the shopping list of Indonesians because it is a daily staple food. There are various brands and qualities of rice that can be purchased, and you can adjust it according to your current financial condition.

Even though oil prices often go up, you should still include this on your monthly shopping list. Difficult to cook without oil available.

This protein meal forms part of the main side dish, so don't leave it off your grocery list. Virgo friends can buy a variety of chicken, fish and meat.

To save costs, you can budget to buy more eggs than chicken, fish and meat because they are relatively cheaper or you can replace animal protein with vegetable protein such as tofu or tempeh.

Even though it's not a staple food, you can also add it to your monthly shopping list because it's relatively inexpensive. This food can be a substitute for rice in an emergency because they both contain carbohydrates. Pay attention to the level of instant noodle consumption and don't overdo it because it will be bad for health.

As a food flavoring, you can include spices in your grocery list. Food cooked with a delicious taste will certainly make the desire to bring food from home increase. As a result, monthly shopping expenses become more economical because there is no need to eat out.

Choose kitchen spices that are familiar, friend Virgo, because this can help you measure how much you have to spend to buy these kitchen spices. Sometimes you can use other spices for various dishes.

Double-check the toiletries that have run out. Generally only a few toiletries that run out quickly and need to be purchased more often such as toothpaste and soap (especially liquid soap). You can replace your toothbrush at least once every 3 months.

For other toiletries such as bath towels, they should at least be replaced and washed with another towel after 3 to 4 uses. If you don't have enough towels, you can budget for extra towels.

Dish soap is one of the household needs that is used relatively often, so it needs to be included in the monthly shopping list. Buy bottled dish soap so that for next month's use it's enough to just buy a refill pack.

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