7 Shopping Bags to Replace Plastic Bags

The problem of inorganic waste in the form of plastic is now at an alarming stage. This problem began to receive government attention after plastic waste in Indonesia reached millions of tons per year and was not managed properly. From the consumer side, they have started to realize the dangers of single-use plastic.

So, to fight plastic waste, it's best to start by asking someone else to do it. Maybe most people only know cassava bags as a substitute for plastic bags, but actually there are many types of shopping bags to replace plastic bags.

7 Shopping Bags to Replace Plastic Bags

This shopping bag is made of synthetic fabric which has dense fibers and a fairly stiff texture. This model is more often seen by Virgo Friends in various supermarkets than other models. The eco bag was chosen as a grocery bag because it is considered stronger to carry quite a lot of groceries so they are not afraid of breaking.

Woven bags are often seen by Virgo friends in the market area because the material is stiff, hard and strong to carry lots of market groceries. This bag is also water resistant. Woven bags are not easily damaged even if they are used repeatedly, in contrast to plastic bags which are easily torn and damaged. The color variations of woven bags are even more diverse so that they are even more interesting to have.

This tote bag is made of canvas material which is more durable than plastic bags. Several canvas tote bags in circulation are made from calico, ripstop, marsoto to tarpaulin. Of these materials, calico cloth is the most widely used because even though the material is not thick it is strong enough to carry a lot of stuff as long as it's not too much, just adjust it to the luggage.

And because it's made of canvas fabric, this shopping bag model can be printed with a variety of images and colors. It is much nicer and more attractive to carry groceries in this style of bag than plastic bags.

Parachute bags are also another alternative to plastic bags because they can be carried anywhere and don't take up too much space. The parachute model bag can be folded small so that it fits in a pocket or bag.

This bag is made of lightweight and water-resistant polyester or parachute material. These bags are widely traded as a substitute for plastic bags because they can be used repeatedly and have various colors and motifs.

This bag is made of natural material, namely burlap. The price is quite expensive because the material is rarely found. Quality jute bags can be seen from the fibers which are tighter, hairless and the aroma does not sting the nose like low quality burlap.

Even though this jute bag is not very water resistant, the material is strong enough to carry groceries and can be said to be quite fashionable because it has a vintage impression.

Cassava-based bags were quite popular at the start of the plastic bag ban campaign. Of all the previous types of bags, this cassava bag is the most similar to plastic. These bags are used as an alternative to plastic bags because they are made from natural materials and easily decompose in nature.

Cassava bags are made of 98% natural resin from tapioca starch, 1% vegetable oil, and about 1% natural biopolymer which is biodegradable and can be consumed by soil microorganisms.

Even though the name is plastic, this plastic can be used repeatedly and is not easily damaged. Reusable plastic bags are made with seals and a variety of colors and patterns. You can use reusable plastic bags when shopping at eco bulk stores where you are expected to bring your own shopping containers.

As explained above, currently there are many substitutes for plastic bags that are the choices for Virgo friends when shopping. When shopping at Alfamart, of course, Friend Virgo needs a shopping bag to carry groceries. But often the problem is that many Virgo friends forget to bring shopping bags so they are confused about how to carry groceries. Moreover, supermarkets such as Alfamart in the capital city and its surroundings have completely stopped providing plastic bags. To overcome this, the solution is that friends can bring their own reusable shopping bags from home or even easier, just shop at Alfagift.

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