What is advanced photography

What is advanced photography - Able to apply advanced photography techniques to realize visual concepts in the form of commercial photos - Generating unique and interesting photo works is basically not difficult, we only need to learn basic photography techniques first.

What is advanced photography

The first time we own or even hold a camera, it can be very stressful at times. This guide will consist of several chapters, where each chapter will have several to learn important things related to advanced photography.

If you are just learning photography for the first time then we recommend following it step by step in chapter order, but if you are experienced or just want to review and increase your photography knowledge.

Getting to Know Exposure in Photography - Exposure is the basis for you as a beginner to be able to produce interesting photos. By understanding what exposure is, we can make sure the photos we make have the right level of exposure - In this section you will also learn about the relationship between the golden triangle of photography, namely aperture, shutter speed and iso.

Knowing the Shutter Speed ​​and Its Function - By changing the shutter speed value, we can get a certain effect that will appear in our photos later.

Get to know camera ISO and its effects – ISO on various camera brands of course different maximum levels. But all of them have the same function in the camera.

Understanding Histogram Functions - Histograms are an important tool to ensure that your photos are properly exposed.

Conclusion :

Understanding advanced photography is much easier when you learn other shooting techniques - Understanding advanced photography also makes it easier for you to understand the most appropriate settings when shooting.