Vpn Norton - Installation Guide

Vpn Norton - Having trouble installing Norton Secure VPN? Please Read the detailed Installation Guide below.

Vpn Norton - Installation Guide

Do I need to reinstall Norton Secure VPN after switching to a new device? Yes. You will need to uninstall the Norton Secure VPN software from your old device before installing it on your new device. Login at https://cybersecurity.netvigator.com/ using your NETVIGATOR ID and password to uninstall and install.

Can I use Norton Secure VPN on multiple devices if I subscribe to the Norton Secure VPN service plan for only one device? No. You can only use Norton Secure VPN on one device. If you want to use it on a new device, you must remove it.

What operating platforms does Norton Secure VPN support?

Windows 7 or later, two current and previous versions of Mac OS X, two current and previous versions of Apple iOS and Android 8.0 or later.

What is the name of the Norton Secure VPN software or application according to the operating system?

  • PC: Norton Secure VPN
  • Mac: Norton Secure VPN
  • iOS: Norton Secure VPN – VPN Proxy/ Norton 360
  • Android: Norton Secure VPN - Wifi Proxy Security & Privacy/ Norton 360

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What happen if my device runs on Android ?

You can continue to use their current version of the app. However, the app will not be able to be upgraded to the new version if the operating system is on Android 6 and 7.

If the app is uninstalled, your device will not be able to reinstall it, as the app will not be available on the Google Play Store for this version of the OS.

Does installing Norton Secure VPN automatically remove existing anti-virus software? No.

Will my computer or phone slow down after I install Norton Secure VPN?

When a user connects to the Internet with Norton Secure VPN enabled, Internet traffic is routed through the Norton Secure VPN servers. This means the speed will depend on the volume of Internet traffic and the location of the selected server. For example, if a user connects to a Norton Secure VPN server in the US during peak hours, the speed may be slower than if they connect to a Norton Secure VPN server in Hong Kong during off-peak hours.

Will Norton Secure VPN consume more battery on my Internet device?

Consumption is ignored. All applications use battery power, depending on usage patterns.

If my phone/computer has Norton Secure VPN installed, will it still be able to connect to my IP camera at home, given that my IP address is hidden?

Yes. Norton Secure VPN only masks the IP addresses of the devices it protects.

The IP camera at home is connected to my phone and computer. If I install Norton Secure VPN on my phone and computer, will it benefit my IP camera?

Built-in protected Norton Secure VPN - so your IP won't benefit

Is the Norton Secure VPN service suitable for users who need dynamic IP addresses?

No - because the device's IP address will be hidden

Will websites like Facebook and YouTube be affected by Norton Secure VPN when installed on my Internet device? Will this cause login and security issues?

Some websites, such as Facebook and YouTube, will verify a user's identity with a security code or question when they detect a user logging in from another country. As long as the user can answer the question correctly, he will be able to login as usual.

Which Norton Secure VPN server should I choose?

If speed is your main concern, then we recommend using a local server or allow Norton Secure VPN to choose it automatically.

Norton Secure VPN appears to provide lower server coverage and runs fewer servers compared to other service providers, so does that have any implications for connectivity or stability?

While some providers cover more countries and run more servers, the practical needs of users vary. For example not many need to use South African IP servers.

How many servers does Norton Secure VPN use?

The server IP addresses are located in countries such as the US, UK, Singapore, and Brazil, and are optimized by Norton Secure VPN to ensure the best possible Internet browsing experience. Server IP addresses are located in various countries such as US, UK, Singapore and Brazil, and are optimized by Norton Secure VPN.