My debit card was hacked will i get my money back

My debit card was hacked will i get my money back - can -> Contact the bank immediately if you see suspicious activity and warn about unauthorized transactions - so the bank can refund your money as soon as possible

My debit card was hacked will i get my money back

What steps should you take if your debit card is hacked?

Contact your bank's debit card issuing department - This is step number one, as it allows your bank to get involved - They will take immediate action to determine what happened and what you should do next.

File a claim if money is stolen - Review your account for lost funds and file a claim if you find any discrepancies.

Cancel a compromised debit or credit card - Credit card fraud remains a major problem, so protect yourself by canceling a suspicious debit or credit card.

Set a new password and pin - Set a new strong password to better protect your debit card account in the future - This is also a good time to choose a new pin and security question - And if your bank offers two-factor authentication, consider apply for him.

Secure Your Wi-Fi - Check your Wi-Fi network to make sure that it is password protected and If the Network is open it can invite trouble.

Tell your friends and family - If you are the victim of a security breach, tell your friends and family what happened so they can protect it in the future.

Check your debit card accounts and apps - Double check all your accounts and apps for suspicious activity. Also consider additional security measures you can take, such as fingerprint access on your smartphone.

Check your credit report - This can answer many questions, such as whether an unauthorized account has been opened in your name - This is a sign of identity theft.

File an identity theft report - Contact your bank's fraud department about the best way to file an identity theft report - Alternatively, you can use IdentityTheft.gov online.

Monitor your account - This can help you determine suspected fraud before it turns into something more serious.

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If you fall victim to credit card fraud and theft and you lose money as a result, take immediate action with the help of your financial institution.

For example, if there is a purchase with an invalid debit or credit card, then you should immediately report it to your bank or credit card company.