Is it possible to get free paypal balance with username and password?

Is it possible to get a free paypal balance with a username and password - Yes, one of them is by taking an online survey - Although it is not easy and not necessarily you can fill out the online survey.

Is it possible to get free paypal balance with username and password?

There are times when you will fail or sometimes the profile requested by the survey owner is different from yours. Survey provider sites to get paypal balances that can be tried are as follows:

- Toluna

- Viewfruit

- Yougop

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PayPal, is an online payment system that supports paperless transactions (without paper) unlike checks and money orders, PayPal supports online money transfers so that this system can be used worldwide (with internet media) as an alternative to conventional payments.

Are you familiar with eBay right? eBay (EBay Incorporation) is a multinational e-commerce company founded in 1995, eBay applies the C2C (consumer-to-consumer) and B2C (business-to-consumer) model, the services presented online make it available worldwide. 30 countries.

The interesting thing about eBay is that this e-commerce website serves auction-style buying and selling (online shopping is still very much supported), with PayPal as a subsidiary

How to Register a PayPal Account

1. Open “paypal.com” in your web browser.

2. Click the “Register” 

3. Currently PayPal divides accounts into two types, namely:

Account for "Buy using PayPal" (Intended for people who want to shop online)

Account for "Receiving payments using PayPal" (Intended for people who want to receive payments)

In this discussion I chose to create an account "Accept payments using PayPal".

4. Click the "start" button.

5. Enter your E-Mail account

I recommend using an E-Mail account from Google (G-Mail) that is already integrated with a monetization program like AdSense.

6. Click the “Next” button.

7. Enter your personal identity:

E-Mail (already filled in with the previously entered E-Mail address)

Password (entered twice)

Legal First Name (Your Real Name)

Official Last Name

Business Name (or the activity you'll be doing with PayPal)

Phone number

Business Address (just fill in your address)



Postal code

Your Main Currency (choose USD)

Check “By clicking Agree and Continue, I agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy”.

Click the “Agree and Continue” button.


* USD = United States Dollar (United States Dollar)

8. Next is business information, you are required to choose the type of business:

  • Individual
  • Private ownership
  • Partnership
  • Private companies
  • Government Company
  • Non-profit organization
  • Government agency

9. I chose the “Individual” Business Type.

10. I selected the Category “Computers, accessories and services”.

11. I selected the "Software" Subcategory.

12. You can also embed a business URL if you have one.

13. Click “Continue” if you are absolutely sure.

14. Next you must fill in the “Account Owner” information.

Date of Birth (enter in dd/mm/yyyy format)

15. Click the “Submit” button.

After this stage you need to open your E-Mail to activate the account, you will receive an E-Mail from “PayPal Services (service@intl.paypal.com)” with the message subject “Confirm your email address to activate your account”, go to E -mail then hit the "Yes, this is my email address" button in it.

At this stage the PayPal account registration step has been completed, you can login to the paypal.com site with the E-Mail and password you previously set, proceed to configure your business account information at paypal.com/activation/businessSetup, you can connect the account Your PayPal with the Bank Account you have for easy transactions.