How to View ebay Purchase History

eBay purchase history - How to track ebay purchase history? all you have to do is access the Purchase History section of your account, where you can quickly view the status of the latest orders.

How to View ebay Purchase History

To find your ebay purchase history, go to the main page of a well-known online shopping site, and if you haven't already, log into your account - to do so, click on the Login item, at the top left, enter your login credentials in the email or username fields. password and click the Login button.

When you're done, click the My eBay option, top right, and select the Purchase History item in the menu that opens. Alternatively, you can click on the Hello [nome] option at the top left, select the account settings item and, on the newly opened page.

The new screen that appears lists the purchases you've made on eBay in the last 60 days, divided into sections: Unpaid Items with orders placed but not yet paid for; Orders with a list of your last paid purchases; Cancel the order with the order you requested and get the cancellation and Refund and cancel the order with the item you requested the return.

If your order is attractively displayed in the Unpaid Items box, you can click the Pay now button, select the payment method you want and click the Confirm and pay item, to complete the payment. In that case, my guide on how to pay on eBay might help.

Or, by selecting the Other action option, you can ask the seller to cancel the purchase, indicate that you have paid, or contact the seller for more information.

On the other hand, if you have made payment for your flower order, it will be displayed in the Orders section with related details, such as date of purchase ( Order date ), order number ( Order quantity ), seller name ( Sold by ), total cost of the order ( total orders). ) and the cost of each item included in the order (item price)

Where to find ebay purchase history?

You can find ebay purchase history through ebay purchase history process - In addition, you can also check if the item has been shipped (it says the item has been shipped) and if so, check the delivery status. However, to do this, the seller must enter the shipping code - if available, the item will appear Shipping code: spedizione number and by clicking on it.

How long does it take to ship on ebay?

Delivery times will vary according to how the seller arranges delivery and transfer times and the shipping method you choose when paying the bill. In most cases, handling time is the number of days it takes the seller to transport the goods halfway.