Ethanol-free gas vs Premium

Ethanol-free gas vs Premium - Premium does not provide more power or contains better additives than Ethanol-free gas.

Ethanol-free gas vs Premium

Some brands put slightly more Ethanol-free gas in the premium - but all meet the minimum required by the EPA. The main thing is? Automakers know best, so use fuel with the octane rating stated in your owner's manual.

If your engine requires or recommends 89 or 93 octane fuel, that's what you should use for peak performance and fuel efficiency - But there are exceptions to that rule.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Ethanol-free gas vs premium

1. Increase mileage

It has been reported that oil blended with ethanol has lower fuel efficiency than premium - Pure, energy-rich gasoline has a higher energy content so it produces more power when burned. And because your engine is capable of converting fuel into more kinetic energy, you can use less fuel but achieve more mileage.

2. Less damage to the machine

Gas mixed with ethanol has a negative effect on engines, especially older models as they are not designed to run on ethanol blended fuels - Some of the reported problems are damage to old rubber seals and increased vapor pressure which can cause steam locking in the carburetor. In addition, ethanol attracts water, increasing the risk of rust formation on the inside of the engine.

3. Makes us less dependent on ethanol plants

When the United States government decided to add ethanol to gasoline, more farmers started growing corn but the price of this crop and its superior product increased. But if more people use pure fuels, our dependence on ethanol crops will decrease, and hopefully this will lower the price of corn.

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Is ethanol free gas better

1. Has more harmful emissions

This is one of the main reasons why people turn to alternative energy and mix ethanol in gas. There is no denying that pure oil has more harmful emissions that contribute to global warming and pollution.

2. Makes us more dependent on oil than other countries

As fuel reserves in the United States are running low, we have to rely on foreign gas imports again, making us more dependent on energy. As a result, gasoline prices will rise again.

Conclusion :

ethanol-free gas vs premium - Newer high compression engines have been designed to run on ethanol fuel. This is because a high compression ratio usually requires a high octane rating to avoid high engine pressures (known as a condition called pre-ignition). While premium has a lower octane rating than ethanol, so it is not ideal for this type of engine.