Is i5 good for graphic design

Is the i5 good for graphic design? A graphic designer must have design tools, a laptop is one of them. It turns out that not all laptops can be used for graphic design purposes.

Is i5 good for graphic design

Graphic design is no longer a hobby, but a permanent job. With graphic design skills that are still rarely mastered by someone, making the opportunity to get passive income is very large.

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Is the i5 good for graphic design - Here are some tips before choosing a laptop for graphic design:

1. Screen

For graphic design purposes, the screen is very important to pay attention to. By choosing a large screen size, making the process of working on a design easier. The minimum screen size suitable for graphic design is 1920 x 1080 (full HD).

The type of screen usually affects the level of eye comfort. Recommended for IPS monitor screen types. One of the advantages of this type of IPS screen is that it is able to realize colors that are close to real objects.

2. Processor

In running a graphic design software application that is quite heavy, of course we have to choose a good processor. Intel processor no doubt, you can use 10th or 11th generation Intel Core i5.

3. GPU

So that the visual results displayed on the monitor screen are maximized, you should not be careless in choosing the GPU.

It should be underlined, look for a laptop with VGA not on-board. That's because the on-board VGA, will share its performance with the laptop's RAM. This causes the laptop to be slow during the editing process. For Graphic Card recommendations, you can choose Nvidia GeForce with 2GB memory or more.

4. RAM

Even though it has a good processor and VGA, it's useless to have 2GB of RAM, because it won't get good performance.

You have at least 6GB or 8GB of RAM with the DDR4 model. Try your laptop also has an additional RAM slot, so you can upgrade when you want to increase the RAM capacity.

5. Hard disk

As a graphic designer, of course you need large enough storage to store projects and design software. It is quite recommended to choose an SSD, because it gets faster speeds, and of course the price is much more expensive.

Conclusion :

Those are tips before buying a laptop for the graphic design you want. Never hesitate to choose good quality, if you have more funds.