How to maintain your car to last many years

How to maintain your car to last many years - In order for a car to stay durable and comfortable to drive, the car must always be cared for. Car service must also be done regularly so that the vehicle can be used for a long time and lasts for years.

How to maintain your car to last many years

Car owners not only know how to use their vehicles, but also how to maintain them. If the car is not cared for properly, it will be easily damaged. Car maintenance is not enough just to go to a repair shop, car owners must also understand how to take care of their vehicles independently.

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Here are good and correct car care tips so that they last for years

1. Check car oil regularly

Oil is a car lubricant that must be considered and replaced regularly. Ideally, car oil can be changed after a distance of 5,000-7,500 kilometers.

2. Check clutch and brake lining

Every 10,000 to 50,000 kilometers traveled, check the condition of your vehicle. Usually the clutch lining has started to wear out.

The wear of the clutch lining indicates that it must be replaced immediately so that the gear shift does not feel heavy.

In addition, brake fluid also needs to be checked. A sign that the brake fluid needs to be replaced is that the grip is no longer strong. Ideally, brake fluid changes are carried out every 20,000 kilometers.

3. Use the right fuel

Each car engine has different fuel specifications. If the fuel is wrong, dirty, or not filled at the official refill, the car engine will be easily damaged and will not last long.

4. Change the radiator water regularly

To support the performance of your car, replace the radiator water regularly. Use clean, dirt-free water. As an effort to get ready, stock up on radiator water in your garage. In addition, be sure to buy radiator water at an authorized place that fits your car.

5. Service your car regularly

The important thing that must be done by car owners is to service the vehicle at a trusted repair shop. Service can be done on the exterior and interior of the car, changing oil, adjusting radiator water, checking batteries, car tires, and so on.

Conclusion :

In addition to treatments above, car owners also ensure the condition of the car paint, avoiding friction with hard objects that have the potential to cause scratches. If you want to wash the car, use a special soap and wipe with a soft sponge. When parking the car, do not dry it directly in the sun. Find a shady spot, but don't park in the shade of a tree. If you can't find a shady place, you can cover the car with a special cover that contains anti-UV. Exposure to direct sunlight can damage car paint in the long run.