How to keep your car running like new

How to keep your car running like new - Every car owner wants a car that looks good and looks like new every time. That's why, not a few of us are willing to spend money to beautify the appearance of the vehicle.

How to keep your car running like new

But the problem is, some people often forget the condition of the car's interior for various reasons. In fact, the atmosphere of the interior of the car must also be considered so that you and your passengers still feel comfortable during the trip.

Want your car's interior to look like new? Here are tips for caring for car interiors that you can do at home.

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Here's how to keep your car running like new

1. Clean Dashboard

The first tip you should do to treat the car interior to look like new is to clean the dashboard. Dashboard is an important part because it is the first part that is visible when driving.

To keep it clean, you can use a duster or brush to remove dust in the corners and air conditioner holes around it. After that, don't forget to apply a little biopolish leather care so that the dashboard doesn't dry out when exposed to the hot sun.

2. Use Carpet

The next car interior care tip is to coat the cabin floor of your favorite car using a carpet. This is so that dirt such as sand, water, food scraps do not fall and contaminate your car, but are removed first by the car carpet. In addition, car carpets will also make your car interior look more stylish.

You can choose car rugs from anti-slip rubber materials such as car rugs from Carfit. This non-slip car rug is easy to clean and can be used for all types of cars. In 1 set of car carpets there are 2 front and steering wheel carpets and 2 middle carpets for the passenger side.

3. Clean the car interior

By cleaning the interior of the car, your car will be protected from dirt, dust, stains, and make the surface non-slip when you are driving.

4. Provide Car Freshener

Everyone would want to have a car interior that smells good and is comfortable. For this reason, the next tip to make the car interior look like new is to always provide car freshener. You can choose a car deodorizer that has a fragrance according to your needs.

In addition to car freshener, you can also use an air purifier car accessory from Clair. This car accessory with dimensions of 7.5x17.3 cm is useful for keeping the air condition in your car clean.

Having a coverage area of ​​about 3x3 m, this car accessory works by neutralizing small dust particles such as allergens, pollen and viruses in the air. In addition, there are also deodorizing filters and plasma lonizers that function to remove unpleasant odors.

Furthermore, this air purifier works using 5V power which is easy to install in the car with the addition of a USB cable that functions to charge devices (via a power bank or laptop) without the need to connect it to the car's power source. The head of this car accessory can be rotated 180 degrees so you can change the wind direction not only to one side.

5. Clean Upholstery

The upholstery is also one of the interior parts of the car that should not be forgotten about its cleanliness. You don't even have to take it to a car salon to get it cleaned. Simply clean using a dry cloth, an unused toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner.

Well, talking about a car vacuum cleaner, you can use a vacuum cleaner from Coido. This product with dimensions of 35x13x8 cm is very effective for vacuuming dry and wet dust, and has good durability.

This mini vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. This product is ideal for cleaning upholstery, dashboards, to dirty car carpets. Interestingly, this car vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a 3.4 meter long cable to make it easier for you to clean areas that are far from sources of electric current.

6. Use a Wet Wipe to Clean the Ceiling Area

The next car interior care tip is to clean the cabin ceiling area. Just like other auto parts, car ceilings also need special care. The reason is, the upper side of the inside of this car tends to store dust.

You can use a cloth that has been moistened with water and special laundry soap. Try not to get the cloth too wet so as not to make the car ceiling damp and even cause an unpleasant odor. After that, you can clean it using a dry cloth to absorb the remaining air and dirt that is still attached.

Conclusion :

Those are car care tips that you can do at home to make it look like new. You need to know that these tips for caring for the interior of the car you need to do regularly to get optimal results.