How to clean car exterior without water

How to Clean Car Exterior Without Water - There is a new innovation that makes it easy to clean car exterior without water - this time we will review one of the breakthroughs in cleaning car exterior without water

How to clean car exterior without water

Is it possible? and what is clean? Those are two questions that are often asked by novice car owners. Because Cleaning the Car Exterior is identical to using water.

How to Clean Car Exterior Without Water or often known as waterless car wash has started to bloom. This car wash method certainly gets a positive response from car owners. Because, car owners can freely wash their cars anywhere without the need for a water source. Because this waterless car wash is intended for car owners whose vehicles are not too dirty.

If you are interested in trying to clean the car's exterior without water, let's look at the following ways:

Steps to Take When Cleaning Car Exterior Without Water

1. Prepare Waterless Liquid and Microfiber Cloth

Prepare equipment such as waterless liquid and microfiber cloth in advance.

The first step to doing a waterless car wash is to prepare the tools and equipment. Such as a microfiber cloth, a waterless liquid to be used, and a clean cotton cloth.

You can also buy this waterless liquid in the market. The choices also vary, there are Auto Glaze, Masterpiece, to Diamond.

2. Spray Waterless Liquid to Every Part of the Car Body

Then, the next step on how to wash a car without water is to spray waterless liquid on the parts of the car that will be washed evenly. It's easy, just spray waterless liquid on the car interior to be washed or cleaned.

3. Scrub with a Microfiber Wipe

If you have sprayed a waterless liquid, the next step is to scrub it with a microfiber cloth. The trick, first fold the microfiber cloth into two or four parts. Depending on the condition of the car the lightness of the dirt attached. Clean by gently scrubbing every part of the car that has been sprayed with liquid.

Then, there is also a wiping technique so that the car does not experience fine scratches. If a microfiber cloth has been used for wiping and finally some dirt has stuck to it, wipe the car with the other side of the clean microfiber cloth. This has proven successful in avoiding fine scratches.

If you feel that all sides of the microfiber cloth have been used to wipe the car body, use a new microfiber cloth. Ideally, when washing your car without water, prepare 3 to 5 microfiber cloths.

4. Wipe with a dry cotton cloth

The last way is to wipe the car with a cotton cloth After you've finished scrubbing with a microfiber cloth, the next step for a waterless car wash is to wipe it with a cotton cloth. This aims to produce a more optimal glossy body.

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Advantages of Cleaning the Car Exterior Without Water

  • Does not require a water source, so you can Clean the Car Exterior anywhere and anytime.
  • The price of this waterless liquid is cheap and there are many brands to choose from, so you can choose according to your taste and needs.

Disadvantages of Cleaning the Car Exterior Without Water

  • Cannot be used for cars that have a lot of dirt such as off-road
  • Can only be used for light dirt in the car

The first disadvantage of Cleaning the Car Exterior Without Water is that it can only be done for cars with light dirt levels. As exposed to remove light dirt such as dust attached.

Conclusion :

As previously mentioned, the rag to dry the waterless liquid that has been sprayed onto the car body is a type of microfiber cloth. For example, using a cloth other than microfiber is a soft cotton cloth, also used in the last step to ensure optimal results. Unlike the car wash that uses water, to dry the water attached to the car, of course, use a chamois. Only after using a microfiber cotton cloth.