Windshield crack repair you need to know

Windshield crack repair – How to repair a cracked windshield can actually be done at home, but it takes precision. Because if the repair is careless, it will aggravate the cracks in the windshield.

Windshield crack repair you need to know

When driving a car on the highway, sometimes things can happen that we don't want. For example, the windshield of a car is hit by gravel from the tires of another car in front of it.

The result is clear, the windshield will crack. Even if there is a degree of cracking, if this occurs, you should immediately repair the cracked glass.

“Sometimes glass cracks can be very small and without us even realizing it. Or even the real car owner knows there is a crack in the windshield, but neglects to fix it right away

“Small cracks on the surface of the windshield if left too long will spread and get wider. If this happens, be prepared to replace the windshield with a new one for the safety of the driver and car passengers

A broken car glass in the middle can still be repaired but before reviewing how to repair a cracked car glass, it's a good idea to first review the extent to which the crack in the windshield can be repaired.

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Here is the windshield crack repair

1. Crack in the middle of the car window

If the cracked part of the windshield is in the middle and the depth is not significant, it can still be repaired. Unlike the case if the crack in the windshield is in the corner and spreads to the middle, it is difficult to repair and the solution must be replaced with a new windshield.

2. Maximum crack length 10 inches

In addition to the position of the crack in the middle, the windshield can still be repaired if the length of the crack is not more than 10 inches. Because if it is more than 10 inches, then later the strength of the glass will not be maximized even though it has been repaired. Especially if the windshield of the car actually holds the wind when the car is running. Alert cars above the year 2010 generally have adopted sensors placed on the glass. Such as radio sensors, temperature, and other modern sensors. If the crack hits any of the sensors, you will need to take it to an authorized repair shop for repair.

3. Cracks Do not penetrate the cabin interior glass

If the glass crack is not too deep, it can still be repaired. However, if the crack is deep and penetrates the interior glass of the cabin, it will be futile to repair it. Must be replaced with a new car glass.

Well, if you already know the extent of the cracks that can be repaired. Next is to review how to repair a cracked car glass. Not much equipment is needed. And the cost is still affordable in the pocket. However, it takes precision and detail when fixing it.

There are several steps that can be applied to repair cracked car windows that can be done at home. It's just that you need to remember, if you want truly optimal results, you should just take it to a specialist workshop.

1. Cleaning the glass and removing the window film

The first step on how to repair a cracked car window is to remove the window film and then clean the cracked glass area. The purpose of this cleaning is to remove the remnants of splashed glass cracks as well as dirt and dust.

Flush with enough water then wipe with a clean cloth evenly. After that wait a few minutes until the glass is completely dry.

With glass that is clean from the remnants of cracks and dust, it will facilitate the next process in repairing cracked glass.

2. Make a hole in the cracked glass

The next step on how to repair a cracked car window is to prepare a drill. Make enough holes in the cracked car glass area, don't make the hole too deep because it will make the glass damage worse.

3. Put resin or glass glue

After the perforation process is complete, continue by applying resin or glass glue to the cracked part. Several resin or glass glue products have been sold, including resin insertion kits.

4. Install new window film

The final step on how to repair a cracked car window is to let it sit for about 2 hours to make sure the resin sticks to the cracked part. After that, do an even distribution of the resin liquid by replacing the new window film.

First clean the part or area that has been inserted resin. Then install the window film to even out the repair results. Use quality window films for optimal repair results.