What Comes After Generation Z

What Happens After Generation Z – Gen Z – Does Grameds often hear the terms gen Z, millennials, and boomers? Basically, these words are terms used to refer to generations in a certain range of years.

What Comes After Generation Z

Each generation, has its own designation with their respective backgrounds. For example, the millennial generation, namely the generation born between 1981 and 1995. Then what about Gen Z? Who belongs to gen z and what are their characteristics? Check out the following explanation, yes!

Understanding Gen Z - Gen Z or generation Z is the generation born between 1996 and 2012. Gen Z is the generation born after the millennial generation era, Gen Z is a transition from the millennial generation to increasingly developing technology.

Before gen Z was defined as people born between 1996 and 2012, journalist Bruce Horovitz first introduced the term gene Z, but the age range was less clear.

Then, in 2014 the term gen Z was increasingly used in presentations presented by marketing agents from Sparks and Honey. In his presentation, the range of birth years used to determine the z gene is from 1995 to 2010.

The Canadian statistics agency, then began counting gene Z and defined gene Z as a child born between 1995 and 2011.

Meanwhile, the McCrindle Research Center in Australia stated that gen z were children born from 1995 to 2009 and MTV stated that gene z was the generation born after December 2000.

Gen z is also called iGeneration, internet generation or net generation. People who belong to the Gen Z era, have something in common with the millennial generation.

However, gen z is considered capable of carrying out all activities at one time, such as playing social media on a cellphone, browsing on a PC, to listening to music. Gen Z is considered capable of multi-tasking and doing all three activities simultaneously.

In addition, gene z is considered to have a close relationship with cyberspace and almost all activities are carried out in cyberspace. Since childhood, Gen Z has also been familiar with technology and is even familiar with sophisticated devices, this is what indirectly affects Gen Z's personality.

What year is Generation Z? Gen Z: born 1996-2012 and aged 9-26 2022

Understanding Other Generations - Apart from Gen Z, there are other generations with their own names and backgrounds. In Sociology, sociologists divide the modern human generation into several generations. Here's a further explanation.

1. Depression-era generation

Before the depression era generation, there were five other generations, namely the war generation, the classic war generation, the World War I generation, the World War II generation, the post-World War II generation, and then the depression era generation.

The Depression-era generation is defined as people born before and after world wars one and two. Thus, these people have a tendency to experience stress or depression due to conditions that occur at that time.

According to sociologists, the generation of the depression era is also referred to as the generation of the 70s. Where those years were an era of defeat that was able to break the spirit.

After the depression generation or the 70s generation, it is precisely the 80s generation that gave birth to people with more stable daily lives.

2. Baby boomer generation

The baby boomer generation is the generation born after World War II, between 1946 and 1964. The term boomer generation emerged, due to the high birth rate in the year after World War II.

This generation is divided into two generations, namely the baby boomer generation I, or the generation born right after the end of World War II, and the baby boomer generation II where this generation is a generation from the previous generation.

The baby boomer generation has a tendency to have many siblings, this is because many couples at that time dared to have many offspring.

People in this generational era are adaptive, receptive, and adaptable. In addition, the baby boomer generation is also considered as parents who have life experience.

Not only that, the baby boomer generation is also predicted to be a generation that will shock the world, because they are considered to have economic stability to health and lifestyle in their productive age.

3. Generation X

The next generation are people born between 1965 – 1980. Generation x is a generation born during times of global turmoil and transition, such as the era of the cold war that occurred between the western and eastern blocs to the peaceful revolution.

The birth years of Generation X were the early years of using personal computers or PCs, cable tv to the internet. According to a study conducted by Jane Deverson, some Generation X have negative behaviors.

4. Millennials

Before Gen Z, there was an era of the millennial generation, which consisted of people born from 1981 to 1995. The millennial generation is also known as Generation Y and this generation is familiar with technologies such as smartphones, computers, and video games.

The term millennial generation was first used in an editorial in a major American newspaper in August 1993. The millennial generation uses technology and instant communication, such as SMS, email to instant messaging applications. Millennials are also considered to like playing online games.

5. Gene Alpha

After the birth of the Z gene, the alpha gene was born, namely the generation born in the period 2013 and so on until now.

They are 20 generations born with their own background and characteristics and uniqueness. Judging from the number of leadership figures, both state leaders and company leaders, Generation X is still considered to dominate.

Meanwhile, Generation Y is still looking for establishment in various fields and Gen Z is currently dominated by young people who are still busy looking for identity in various fields.

Although judged to be similar to millennials, several studies reveal that Gen Z and millennials are rated quite differently. In a book entitled “Gen Z@Work: How The Next Generation is Transforming the Workplace” written by David Stillman and Jonah Stillman, it is explained that gen z is very different from the millennial generation and is considered to have a unique perspective on careers and perspectives. to be successful in the world of work.

However, the author explains that until now there are not many books that explain the z gene. So, this book is here for leaders, to be able to address the workplace as well as a good way to recruit to maintain gen z.

Characteristics and Traits of Gene Z

Gen z has several characteristics and traits that distinguish it from other generations. Here's the explanation.

1. Gen z is a digital generation who is proficient and fond of information technology and various computer applications. Information needed for educational and personal purposes will be more accessible and faster because of the help of technology.

2. Children born in gen z know the ins and outs of technology, even though they were 11 years old when new phones were released. This is because gen z has the technological ability that it carries as if they were born.

3. Gen z children are considered very fond of and often communicate with all people through social media, especially social media such as Twitter, Line, Instagram and so on.

4. Through social media, gen z are able to express what they find and what they feel and can express it spontaneously.

5. Gen z is considered more tolerant of differences in the surrounding environment, ranging from differences in culture, religion and others. Not only respecting tolerance, gene z is also considered more concerned with these differences.

6. Therefore, gen z is considered a diverse generation that will enter the workforce in American history. Gen z consists of various sections of groups as well as racial or ethnic minorities. Children are also raised with characters who are able to appreciate and accept the environment, compared to previous generations.

7. Gen z are children who are used to doing various activities at the same time or it can also be called multi-tasking. This is because, gen z wants to do something fast, not convoluted, and not long-winded.

8. Put money and work on a priority list. Gen z tends to want to make a difference from the previous generation. However, to distinguish it, gen z considers that life must continue to evolve and is more important. So money and work become gen z's priority.

9. As the first generation of the digital world, Gen z is the first generation of the digital world, so they are considered proficient and master small technologies. Gen z kids view smartphones and social media as a way of life and not just a platform or device.

10. This, also stated in a study conducted by Goldman Sachs, he found that half of gene z was boldly connected for 10 hours or more. Meanwhile, another study found that a fifth of Gen Z experienced negative symptoms when they were away from their smartphones.

11. As many as 75 percent of gen z, are interested in occupying several positions or positions at once in a company. This is because Gen Z considers that having multiple positions can indicate their career advancement. Gen z has good financial knowledge.