The right time for a car wiper replacement

Car window replacement - WIPER is an important part of the car - because the role of the wiper is very useful for sweeping the dirt that sticks to the windshield. The rainy season is no exception. Car wipers should always be maintained and replaced regularly to protect your eyesight while driving a car.

The right time for a car wiper replacement

Here are signs it's time to replace the car wiper:

The Right Time To Change The Wiper - Windshield wipers are made of rubber that is easily damaged and brittle. As a result, wiper performance becomes less effective over time. It is recommended that you replace the rubber on the wipers at least once a year or every 6-12 months.

Make a habit of taking the time to check the condition of your wipers regularly and know what signs to look out for when they start to wear out.

Car wiper characteristics need to be replaced - There are a number of signs that your wipers need replacing. Make sure you fully understand these characteristics. If you ignore it, what happens is it causes blisters on your windshield.

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1. Stripes:

Perform a visual inspection of the wiper rubber blades. If it turns out that the rubber has hardened and cracked due to many factors such as exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, tree sap or even road asphalt and road sand can cause damage to the rubber. So that what will happen is the appearance of scratches on every scratch that looks prominent.

2. Pass/Not wiped clean:

The following are signs your car wiper needs to be replaced. This is because the wiper rubber blades are not sweeping up dirt properly and are worn. That's what causes water stains on the windshield which causes cloudiness and impaired visibility.

3. Squeaky sound

This is also the hallmark of a car wiper that is replaced with a new one. This is due to the appearance of a squeaking sound when the wiper is working, the rubber effect of the wiper blade is old and worn and hardened. If left unchecked can scratch the windshield of your car.

4. Split scratches

The next wiper feature that needs to be replaced is that the wiper rubber rotates, and makes a sound on the windshield. This is due to changes in hot and cold temperatures over time or during periods when the wiper is not in use, separate lines appear when using the wiper. Be sure to use cleaning fluid, dish soap, and other items in your windshield washer reservoir.