How to replace the windshield yourself at home

Replace windshield - Replacing a broken car glass can be done at a specialist auto glass repair shop, actually the maintenance is simple, namely by removing the windshield and replacing it with a new one/installing a new windshield.

How to replace the windshield yourself at home

I still recommend installation at a specialist repair shop, even though the installation of simple car glass requires high precision and detail, such as installing rubber, removing broken glass and so on.

Here's how to replace your own windshield that you can do at home

1. Remove decorative trim and protect glass edges from scratches

2. Cut the old glass glue/adhesive using a suitable cutting tool

3. Remove the broken glass and measure with precision the glass to be installed

4. Clean the glass to be installed until it reaches the glue area

5. Cut off the remaining 1-2 mm old adhesive

6. Clean the remaining adhesive and coat with sealant (gun sealant)

7. While the sealant is still wet, install the new glass on the frame (don't wait for it to dry), make sure the glass that enters really fits on the frame or frame. Make sure to install once and do not lift (this is to avoid potential leaks)

8. After the new glass is installed in position, provide a holder, so that the glass does not change from the predetermined position

9. Wait for the sealant/glue to dry for approximately 3 hours before it can be used

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The selection of glass must be original (original) or original aftermarket brands, do not use fake ones.

Don't use cheap car glass/fake brands, try to buy a good original brand. Why? because of the quality of fake glass such as easy to scratch, imprecise display (too convex / concave), easy to break and so on...

Even now there are many repair shops or specialist technicians who can be called to replace the windshield at home, so that the car does not need to be taken to the workshop, just a technician who comes to the house.

Conclusion :

That's an article on how to replace a broken windshield that you can do yourself at home. Alright, see you in another article post.