How to put rear view mirror back on mount

How to put rear view mirror back on mount - This time I will share my experience on how to remove and replace a broken car rearview mirror to be exact, a Toyota Vios car, but after googling it turns out that the method is the same as removing the Agya Ayla rearview mirror and several other types. both using electric and manual systems.

How to put rear view mirror back on mount

So you could say how to remove the car's rearview mirror which I will explain below can also be tried on other brands or types of cars besides Vios/Limo such as Avanza, Xenia, Inova, Grand Livina or others.

Interestingly, to remove this rearview mirror no additional equipment is needed because it only requires using your fingers and courage. Of course you are curious to know what the steps are like? let's see the following discussion.


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This is How to put rear view mirror back on mount

First, press the top of the rear view mirror that we are going to release using two fingers until the bottom is slightly open

Once you see the gap at the bottom then insert your finger and pry (lift) it slowly

Make a prying motion until the rearview mirror frame is released 

Well, if it has been released, the next step is to install or replace it with a new one and the method is not difficult, the opposite of how to remove it.

Notice the two clips on the back of the rearview mirror frame - For how to install it, insert the clip into the rearview mirror by tilting the top then press and press until it really goes in.

After the clip is inserted into the holder then press the bottom of the rearview mirror until you hear a click and make sure it fits or is firmly attached as before. 

If it is concluded to remove the rearview mirror, the step is to press the part until there is room at the bottom to pry it out with your finger.

As for putting it back on, the trick is to insert the mirror from the bottom by inserting two clips into the holder then after inserting it, press the bottom until the bottom clip is completely attached.

Conclusion :

After trying last night I can conclude how to remove and replace the car's own rearview mirror is very easy and can be done by anyone without the need to take it to a repair shop or special equipment.