How to change brake pads and rotors

How to change brake pads and rotors - Brakes are a component that should not be taken lightly in car maintenance. Brakes have a very important and vital function, namely stopping or slowing the vehicle.

The most important brake component is the lining. When the car is moving, the brake pads rub against the disc or drum. If these components are not cared for, the brake pads can wear out and be dangerous because it can cause brake failure.

For that, before the brake pads are completely exhausted, be sure to check first and replace them with new ones.

Here's How to replace brake pads and rotor

1. Remove the drum

The first thing to do when you want to replace the rear brake lining is to remove the drum so that you can disassemble the inner braking system. After that, remove the outer spring of the lining.

2. Remove Right and Left Bearing

After removing the drum and outer axle, also remove the inner brake lining spring using the screw. When removing this spring, you must be careful because all elements of the braking system will come loose.

3. Rotate to Minimal

To make it easier to install the new brake pads, turn them to a minimum. After that, check the cylinder wheel whether it is still normal or stuck and also check the condition of the brake fluid whether it is leaking or not.

4. Release the Brake Adjustment Lock

To unlock all inner brake elements, you must release the brake adjustment lock. However, you do not need to remove the handbrake cable as it will be difficult to install if the cable is removed.

5. Tidy Up All Brake Elements

This tidying stage aims so that all parts do not fall apart when rearranging the brake system. Some parts have a small size so that if they are not arranged neatly they can be lost.

6. Prepare the Brake Pads

Next, prepare new brake pads, then match the right and left because they have different functions and shapes. If it is wrong it will affect the leading and trailing braking power.

7. Unlock and Change Lock

Unlock the old brake pads using a screwdriver and pliers, then install the new brake pads and locks. When you buy new brake pads, a new key is also given.

Installation by pressing, then clamping using pliers until it locks tightly. When installing the lock is a bit difficult because the installation position is narrow so care must be taken so as not to cause damage to other parts.

8. Install Brake Pads

Once the lock is locked, start replacing the two new brake pads with the bottom spring connectors.

9. Install Per In

After the new brake pads are installed, then install the small inner spring, rear drum brake gap adjuster, brake adjustment lock, left and right brake pad lock, and install the outer spring. Reinstall the rear brake drum, then remove it again. This step is to put the canvas in place.

10. Adjust Brake Gap

The final step is to adjust the gap in the brakes. This can affect the handbrake height. How to set it by rotating it until it reads "click click click"

That's how to replace the rear brake lining of a car with a new one. Hopefully this method can help and improve the condition of your car's brakes.